Type 2 Diabetes diet…Actos linked to Cancer

Actos and Avandia: 2 Dangers diabetes drugs that do not work very well

Doctors who have you on a Type 2 Diabetes diet and include drugs like Actos or Avandia may cause you Cancer or Heart disease according to a new investigation in Europe.. A new investigation of the diabetic medication Actos by the European Medicines Agency has revealed that this drug is causing breakout reports of Bladder Cancer. With Typical Type 2 diabetes diet doctors often includes these very dangerous drugs.

Review of new Investigation

European agency said an increased number of spontaneous reports had prompted it to start the latest review.t

Actos belongs to the same drug class as Glaxo Smith Kline’s Avandia, which was pulled from the market in Europe last year and faces stringent restrictions in the United States after being linked to hear

Spirit Happy reported on the dangers of Actos last year,we revealed that it is just as dangerous as Avandia which causes death and Heart disease. These are deadly drugs that do not help a diabetic. The drugs at best can drop blood sugar one Ac1 point! At the same time you lose you liver,Kidneys and heart valve. Diabetic medications are not safe and no one with diabetes 2 needs medications. Until you realize this you may never come off these medications. Doctors do not investigate medications they simply prescribe. Once the drug makers get there approval by the FDA the drug goes down your stomach. It is after the damage to YOU that they pull the drug off the market

The right healing Type 2 Diabetes diet will require no medications. After Spirit Happy diet reached 20,000 users in February we announced to the drug companies that we will not stop reporting the damage they are doing until their drugs are removed.

Avandia has been removed in Europe and is still has restrictions in the Unites States. We want Avandia removed completely.

The Spirit Happy diet may be seen here  TYPE 2 DIABETES DIET

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Diabetes Drug maker and Scam artist GLAXO fined 750 million dollars for drugs they knew did not work!

GLAXO the biggest diabetes drug makers does not give a crap about the diabetic and this was proven in court. They knew they were making ineffective  and Dirty drugs NOT only for diabetes but also Paxil for depression. They knew the drugs were not made correctly and were ineffective.

1. Where Did the dirty tainted drugs go? Answer: In the bellies of the people.! That right! They said so what ..and it was delivered to your friendly pharmacist

2. What happened to the employee who reported this to GLAXO and said this was criminal?

 Answer: FIRED!..shut up! We need a few more 100 billion$$$ 

3. Where are the dirty Diabetes and Depression drugs made? Answer: In Puerto Rico so they make even more Billions by taking advantage of the easy tax laws(Whats a few more billions between friends)

3. GLAXO still has the dangerous diabetes drug Avandia available in the good old USA ..Why when Europe has banned it?

The answer: $$$$ runs all USA healthcare  and the Drug Makers run the show

I beg you to understand that they do not give a crap about you!

They reinvest the Billions and make Billions more on the Stock market shares before the drug is removed

This is why they do not mind paying $750 million in fines. This is NOTHING to them. THEY MAKE 20 billion every year!

THE SPIRIT HAPPY DIABETES DIET was made popular by others who have spread this diet to reverse diabetes to now over 13 countries without  medications. Why is it popular? Because it works! We have made it clear on this site that you should never ever take a type 2 diabetes drug.

 We have researched these drugs from Avandia,Actos and Mediform and they all destroy the heart muscle.

There are literally thousands who have had direct heart attacks all over Europe and the USA from these drugs.

*Update: Glaxo was ordered to payback 4.4 Billion dollars to the victims of their blood sugar drug* 

You can reverse Diabetes type 2 with the SPIRIT HAPPY DIET now in over 17 countries  HERE  Spirit Happy Diet

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Diabetes Now Kills 4.6 Million every year: Diabetic overweight or thin the illness is taking lives

The International Diabetes Federation has released the scary diabetes (overweight or thin) statistics and it is amazing. Every year diabetes kills 4.6 million people. The SpiritHappy.org site predicted this explosion years ago and we were largely ignored by health officials. A diabetic does not have to be overweight to have this poison high blood sugar level. Type 2 Diabetes is killing thin people and overweight people.

The shame of the ADA: We reported last year on how the American Diabetes Association takes in 10 million dollars a year in donations with no cure! They have been running this game for 20 years so if you do the math you will see how rich they have become without a hint of a cure.

The Diabetes Drug makers take in 8 Billion dollars every year! With no “need” for a cure. In fact, 3 of the largest Diabetes drug Billionaires (The makers of Actos,Avandia and Metformin) have dangerous high blood medications. Actos is close to being removed from the public because it has been causes outbreaks of Cancer to your bladder. The Avandia drug-makers just paid families 5 Billion dollars in damages because their drug Avandia killed people while poorly trying to lower your high blood sugar.

SPIRITHAPPY.ORG has revealed to 17 countries that no one needs Type 2 Diabetes Medications

The drug-makers do not like the fact that we revealed to over 20,000 people how to reverse Type 2 Diabetes without medications. A sugar free diet will never reverse diabetes, there is no healing in a sugar free diet. Sitting down to a Diet Soda will do nothing to reverse your high blood sugar. Diabetics have an infective insulin and when you heal the root cause of this the high blood sugar leaves. We were the first to reveal high blood sugar is a poison that kills the just like cancer. It destroys the cells. It does not matter if you are not overweight, diabetes kills the cells of the body.

High blood sugar is the number one cause of male impotence and weak erections. It is the major reason the heart will fail and the kidneys give out. You do not need the ADA or any medications for Type 2 Diabetes. We have users in 17 countries who use the information on Spirit Happy to reverse their Type 2 Diabetes. Since 2009 we have thousands without diabetes who use our diet to lose weight and belly fat permanently.

The American Diabetes Association take in 10 million every year and the drug makers take in 8 Billion every years. We guide you to a freed from Type 2 diabetes naturally as we have done for over 20,000 people. The official Spirit Happy Reports are only available at this site.

Click here    Spirit Happy Diet

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New Study: Borderline Diabetes and Diabetic message that you are dying faster

Borderline Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetics are 80% more likely to die prematurely. 2 years ago when this site was started we signaled the warning of a coming Diabetic early death wave coming. The medical establishment has been asleep through most of the crisis. A new study today revealed we were right, Borderline Diabetes and full type 2 diabetes up your risk 80% of dying early.

Why? Our research has revealedthat high blood sugar is a poison and the cells die faster in the diabetic and spreads through out the body as a snake, killing the body parts early

Here is the Statement from the Lead Doctor of the study in England on how Diabetes destroys the cells worst than they earlier believed

It is a wide sweep of conditions  said “Dr John Danesh of Cambridge University in England” who lead the team of researchers.

While most people think heart disease and stroke, diabetes appears to be associated with a wider range of illnesses than previously thought” It is a sweeping illness that spread breaks the cells down opening the body up for Cancer, Pneumonia and more

What should stick out to you is the words “Previously thought” 

They “Thought”  it was not as destructive as it really is!

Spirit Happy has stated from the beginning that Borderline Diabetes and full type 2 diabetes is similar to AIDS. and all our many readers know this. I believe were are the only site that has made the connection between Diabetes and AIDS.

Here is what we discovered: Both illnesses can attack EVERY cell of the body and change them. The Diabetic is open to heart disease,stroke,impotence,loss of legs,pain in feet,amputation of fingers and toes.

What illness in our modern times has hurt so many people?

Spirit Happy reached 20,000 followers as of February 6! Because our diet initiations healing! We have helped thousands and are grateful to have assisted so many. The medical establishment and their weak sugar free diets have never healed the diabetic. They do not heal they medicate and this is why their approach fails. 79 million Borderline Diabetes cases and 26 million fully confirmed diabetes cases is a cause for alarm. The Diabetic must understand they are dying faster each day than the average person. The medical establishment slept through the first 7 years of the AIDS crisis before they admitted that they had a serious threat to people, do not tell this happen to you with diabetes.

*The Spirit Happy Diet for Borderline Diabetes and Full Type 2 Diabetes is now in 14 countries as of February 6th*

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Type 2 Diabetes cure drug killed…Now they make a new one that fails

Glaxo Cline Smith the Type 2 diabetes drug maker whose drug killed diabetics have stopped tests on a new diabetic drug that failed to meet standards. You would think that killing diabetics and causing heart attacks would have been enough but that will never stand in the way of the greed drug makers. GCS new Type 1 diabetes just failed in the final stages. To quote them “The drug did not meet the necessary standards”

What you need to know:

Lets translate their quote to the average person “The drug did not meet the necessary standards” This means it DID NOT WORK.

Well…It made it to the final stages which means it was very close to going down your throat.

You would think that after causing direct heart attacks in people with their banned Type 2 diabetes drug Avandia they would step back. Glaxo Cline Smith just settled the lawsuit over their diabetes drug Avandia last month. They agreed to pay back 2.5 BILLION dollars to victims. What is the price for your heart? A company that easily paid back 2.5 Billion is making a lot of money.

The Avandia drug was the top selling diabetes drug in the world for years, The drug brought in 30 billion dollars in profit over 5 years. This is not counting stock profits! Once a drug is approved the Companies stocks go through the roof with profit, this is where they make their real money. Your Prescription is a double payment

The nerve to push out another diabetes drug

It was revealed Friday that their new type 1 diabetes drug was a failure and DID NOT produce results for the patient. GCS pulled the plug on this drug because it was a failure and they could not risk another fiasco like their Avandia drug.

Trust me they will not stop trying to make more risky diabetes drugs…The profit is too great for them

The Diabetes Drug makers play a big game with your health. For them a new drug blast stocks through the roof and they make top dollar.

What about you? You are the test…You lose kidney function or have a heart attack and then the drug gets pulled off the market 5 years later. The Drug makers profits are secure in the bank as you lose your health.

You do not need their drugs with the right Type 2 diabetes Cure Diet

SPIRIT HAPPY is used in 14 countries with over 20,000 users(as of February)

Take control of your own health and received a natural and smooth normal blood sugar with our diet  click HERE TYPE 2 DIABETES DIET

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I have tried every diet? New Study agrees with Spirit Happy, Diet Soda causes weight gain

I have tried every diet and still cannot lose weight? 2 years ago we reported on the danger of Diet soda. We proved in tests that diet soda causes weight gain not weight loss. The makers of these artificial beverages take in over $1 Billion dollars every year as people are fooled into thinking they are drinking something healthy.  A new study has confirmed that the researchers at Spirit Happy are correct

 What the new study reveals is what our thousands of readers already knew, diet soda causes weight gain. Those saying I have tried every diet and still cannot lose weight should pay close attention

Here is what the study reveals

Epidemiologists from the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio reported data showing that diet soft drink consumption is associated with increased waist circumference in humans, and a second study that found aspartame raised fasting glucose (blood sugar) in diabetes-prone mice.

This is incredible information, what it is proving is exactly what our research proved 2 years ago. Diet soda causes belly fat, it causes a wider waist. In addition it makes diabetes worst not better

 Spirit Happy diet users stay naturally thin. As the body naturally heals from food chemicals you get a thin body

The Spirit Happy diet is in 17 countries worldwide, our type 2 diabetes diet spread to over 20,000 users in 6 months because it gently and safely works without drugs. The weight loss in non diabetics was a surprise to our non diabetic users. The Spirit Happy Diet secret is that the diet naturally and safely heals the body of food chemicals (such as diet soda) and causes fat to simply come off the belly and body

If you have tried every diet and still cannot lose weight join the other Spirit Happy Diet users in 17 countries   see here and lose weight I have tried every diet

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Deadly Diabetes weight loss pill finally removed after pressure from Spirit Happy Org

The thousands of daily readers of the SpiritHappy.org site know that we have have fought to removed the deadly Type 2 diabetes diet and weight loss pill Avandia. The FDA had allowed this deadly pill to stay on the market even after it was proven that the drug ruined the heart muscle and caused direct heart attacks.

The drug maker Glaxo Smith Kline has made billions off Avandia while many have died. In 2010 the numbers of people who lost their hearts continued to mount but the drug maker still milked every penny out of the victims who used this drug.

SpiritHappy.org pressured the FDA to remove the pill but the drug was still give to the people and many more became ill.

Europe finally banned the pill in 2010 after the deaths and heart attacks could no longer go ignored.. Sadly the USA would not follow Europe and left the pill on the market. The Food and Drug Administration in the USA would not ban the pill but put some restrictions after the public outrage.

Why was the pill allowed to stay on the market in the USA?

The answer is money! the drug-maker Glaxo Smith Kline made 5 Billion dollars a year! That is 5 Billion every year! Drug makers do not care about you, they care about profit. Readers of the Spirit Happy Diet site know that there is no need for anyone to take a Type 2 diabetes diabetes drug. There is no need for Bariatric surgery or lap bands to lose weight.

The Spirit Happy Diabetes diet is now in 17 countries and it causes all people to get a thin body naturally. The diet heals the cause of food chemicals and you simply lose weight regardless of if you are diabetic or not. This site proves we can beat the Billion dollar drug-makers, Avandia is gone for good!

See below the original story from February when we forced the FDA to remove this pill and see why you do not need any diet pills or diabetes medication We will not stop until all these dangerous Type 2 diabetes and weight loss pills are removed from the market

You may see the original Spirit Happy Diet story here that helped remove this dangerous drug TYPE 2 DIABETES DIET

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Can I lose weight? Not with these Popular diets says USA Today News

If you are wondering “Can I lose weight” The USA today reported that 2 popular new diets are failures. The 17 day diet and the Dukan diet are the latest diets to cause harm to the body. They are a nutritional disaster says the Newspaper’s Nutritionist. What the nutritionist discovered is that these diets harm the body,cause imbalances and the weight comes right back. “Can I lose weight?” The thousands who read The Spirit Happy site know that a diabetes diet causes non diabetics to drop fat fast and healthy!

Blood sugar still holds fat in many who have normal blood sugar levels

The most revealing part of our European research study is that those who have tried everything and still cannot drop the pounds still have a blood sugar that holds the fat. Most of this fat is held on the belly. The diet for diabetics causes the non diabetics to lose fat safely, even those with “normal” blood sugar levels lost fat on the diet.

The good news is that the diet does not lower blood sugar in those with a normal level but it caused the fat to come of the body gently Those asking “Can I lose weight?” the answer is yes with the right diabetic diet. Those with a normal blood sugar will heal the damage from processed foods with a diabetic diet. This is healthy and safe weight loss that thousands on this site use.

Here is the quote from the USA Today Newspaper about the 17 day diet and Dukan Diet  that harm the body

“This is yet another high-protein, unbalanced rigid regimen,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietitian in New Yorkand a nutritionist for food.usatoday.com.

“I wish that high-profile celebrities and dignitaries would realize how important they are as role models.”



As health researchers Spirit Happy agrees with this nutritionist, she is making it clear that these celebrity diets are harmful and the weight comes right back. They make their money and your weight comes right back.

Spirit Happy Diet was developed by health researchers who discovered that a diabetes diet causes non diabetics to lose weight in a healthy way. The Spirit Happy diet boomed to over 20,000 users in 14 countries (in only 8 months)because it works by healing. We are the most trusted health site on the internet.

These celebrities diets do not work and are not backed by science. If you want to lose weight safely use a diabetes diet… period!

See The Spirit Happy Type 2 diabetes cure diet  here

 I can’t lose weight

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“I can’t lose weight?” 2 more Dangerous Diet medications will be BANNED

If you are one of the many people saying “ I can’t lose weight” …Spirit Happy says ,yes you can. The thousands who read this site every week know how dangerous Diabetes and Weight loss drugs are. We expose the dangers of these drugs and then show people the natural way to reverse the problem. Many who say “I can’t lose weight” turn to dangerous surgeries or weight loss pills. The result is damage to the body and for many death.

Diet pills and Surgery do not work

The diet pill makers know that the pills will harm your liver and kidneys. There are thousands who die from diet pills.  Frankly, the drug makers do not care, the lawsuits come later but this is after the drug makers have made a beautiful profit.

The report from ABC NEWS today is that 2 more of these dangerous diet pills will be banned from the public

Diet pills do not work…period and they wreak the Kidneys, Liver or they can cause sudden death.

Here is the quote from the Doctor to ABC NEWS about the coming possible ban

 ”These drugs(XENICAL and ALLI) have the potential to cause significant damage to multiple critical organs, yet they provide meager benefits in reducing weight loss in obese and overweight patients,” said Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group.

The drugs ruin the organs, the 20,000 SPIRIT HAPPY DIET users know the dangers of Diabetes drugs and Diet pills.

Please notice that the doctor said, The drugs have meager benefits!

They do not work yet they destroy the organs. These drugs “try” to lower weight by painfully straining your heart,liver and kidneys.  Do not use them

If you say the familiar quote “ I can’t lose weight” understand that you can. Our Type 2 Diabetes diet boomed to over 20,000 users in 8 months because non diabetics were using it to drop fat. We did not know this would happen but it is a pleasant surprise for users.

All weight loss is in the blood sugar even for those with normal blood sugar. The diet does not lower normal blood sugar in those without diabetes, it simply balance the body safely and you lose weight.

The Spirit Happy diet is the safest and gentlest way to drop fat. We are in 14 countries because it simply works naturally.

You may see the Spirit Happy Diabetes diet here Click here

i cant lose weight

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Food Diabetes and how they blame you

Food Diabetes:There is a common misconception that you simple stuffed yourself with food into type 2 diabetes. This is not the truth!The medical establishment has laid the blame on the victim. The diabetic thinks “I have been really bad.. I gave myself type 2 diabetes”.
You did not give yourself diabetes! Your relationship to food did not give you diabetes.
I am tired of shows like the biggest loser showing overweight people being screamed at. I am happy to say I gave up television in 2008
Here is the guilt trip laid on the diabetic or those close to getting type 2 diabetes
It translates something like this in Hollywood TV
A) Get Some sexy trainer(full of ego)
B) Find some fat slob, the fatter the better(Hollywoods words not mine)
C) Get hot sexy trainer to yell at fat slob…get slob to cry for tv rating
D) save them from the food and diabetes…What a wonderful world…soft Hollywood violins begin to play…etc

Ofcourse this is not real life. The average diabetic is not overweight or a fat slob!
Diabetes is now a genetic disease due to the fact that your pancreas has been destroyed. We researched this for over a year on 2 continents. People will have you thinking “YOU” destroyed your pancreas because you are a lazy slob. They want you to believe food diabetes…food diabetes…food diabetes

Spirit Happy site does prove scientifically in our report that type 2 diabetes is now in your cells. We also show you how to change this!

Diabetes is so serious a disease it is down right scary! Please do not wait you can take the control of your own blood sugar in a simple way. Here is our type 2 diabetes diet that has been stopping diabetes

click here  i cant lose weight

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Food type 2 Diabetes: Sugar does not cause diabetes..it’s a myth!

One of the myths surrounding food and type 2 diabetes is in regards to sugar. Since I was a kid I always heard the lie that sugar gave people type 2 diabetes. It is amazing how the blame is never pointed at those who are really responsible. Cane sugar has been around for hundreds of years in the Americas and actually thousands of years in the world. In th last 20 years we have seen the most incredible rise in diabetes. This is not due to table sugar! People have been using table sugar for so long and never had the rise in diabetes that we have today. After hundreds of years did sugar just start to cause worldwide diabetes? This is silly!

Why is sugar treated as the bad guy? Because it is an easy target. Diabetes leaves too much sugar in the blood so it is assumed that alot of sugar caused this..simple but…this is wrong! THE PROBLEM IS YOUR PANCREAS IS SHOT! IT IS DYING AND THE BETA CELLS ARE ALSO DYING. Now the pancreas (which is sick and dying) does not know how to make the right amount of insulin to control the NORMAL sugar that is needed in the blood. You have acquired a sick pancreas by no fault of your own. Almost all Americans and now much of the world has suffered due to greed. Here is a study about food diabetes that shows us sugar is not the cause
A study published in Diabetes Care (April 2003) re-confirmed that sugar does not cause diabetes. In this study, researchers analyzed data on nearly 39,000 middle-aged women, all of whom completed a 131-item food questionnaire. Six years later, there were 918 cases of Type 2 diabetes reported. Researchers found no definitive influence of sugar intake on the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.”
Amazingly the food diabetes sugar myth is still alive and well

Now, Why in the world blame the sugar which is needed in the body as a neccessary carbohydrate for energy!

We researched long and hard and found a way for you to stop your own type 2 diabetes..It is a very simple type 2 diabetes diet, where you can also eat what you want. Only Spirit Happy site has these life changing reports. We give it to the people straight, hard and truthfully. Avoid the food diabetes lies..learn from us
Diabetes will kill you and your pancreas is dying slowly please read the report and heal yourself

Our reports are in 8 countries worldwide because they work. Click here for a scientifically proven type 2 diabetes diet that allows you to eat whatever you like. Only on Spirit Happy 


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Normal blood sugar levels…Take a pill..WRONG!

Normal blood sugar levels are possible on your own! We show you how to do it and back it up with research.

Still think the pillmakers care about you or your health..think again Spirit Happy readers. Here is a quote from a pharmacist in the Boston Globe Newspaper <strong>

elkram wrote:
You are both missing the scarry point here… You may have sciebtific and medical experience, but as a Pharmacist I have alot of experience with cvs/caremark and Medco. Trust me, the only interest they have in delivering healthcare is the part they can profit from. Their idea of saving money is paying pharmacies one price for a drug, then charing rhe insurance companies more (called the spread). They work with drug companies for kickbacks (pardon me, rebates), and more often than not, still charge the insurance companies the full price. I don’t know about the science, but I can tell you giving CVS/Caremark and Medco this power will have a detrimental effect on the overall cost and quality of health care

I am amazed by people who still think drug makers care about them.
Norrmal blod sugar levels are possible..reversing diabetes type 2 is possible. How come diabetes drugs have never cured anyone thought they have made a few BILLION dollars? The side effects from these drugs are often worst than the disease!

We are doing for those with type 2 diabetes and trying to get normal blood sugar levels the same as we did with depression..we are giving them the information to heal themselves
Amazingly many will go back to medicating and not healing. Normal blood sugar levels are available and we show you how if you really want it

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Type 2 diabetes Diet: The Cancer in diet soda!

A typical type 2 diabetes diet will often include diet soda. This is a mistake that can ruin your health or kill you !
A recent study in Italy revealed that diet soda changes the cells in the body to cancerous cells!
I had a good friend who was a diabetic many years ago. He was the perfect health picture with six pack abs that he showed off often.
Everyone complimented him on his body and he loved to display it.

He would love to walk into a store and order a diet soda or diet snapple . With muscles ripped he knew everyone was ging to start comlimenting him.

Everyone would comment to him “You are so fit with muscles ripped why diet drinks?”

Then he would explain he was a diabetic. He was on a typical type 2 diabetes diet
Many diabetics think they are doing somthing good when they order diet this..or diet that…WRONG! It is loaded with chemicals!

Here is an original Collin Camino writing that was on googles first page! It details the danger of a typical type 2 diabetes diet

type 2 diabetes diet click here

Get our diabetes cure report readers have come to trust Spirit Happy site reports ..download and start reading now. Click the bug on the top of this page and heal on your own.
Love Source and Others

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Diabetic Symptoms for you and Billion$$$ for them Part 1


Here is a look at how you lose the circulation as the high blood sugar cuts of the blood life. What is happening is that the dying pancreas  is causing the blood sugar to flood the sysyem and destroy the organs of the body

Circulation ruined from diabetes blood sugar

This is happening each day that the blood sugar is allowed to flood the sysytem. Diabetic sympoms could mean that you are on your way to getting what is now the 5th leading killer in the USA. This is the most important health issue in the world today.  This is the biggest threat to the population since AIDS but people are still slowly dying.

 It took President Ronald Reagan many years and an epidemic of deaths before he publicly used the word “AIDS” and said it was real. Don’t want for government to heal you!

 We have researched the type 2 diabetes epidemic and we show in our report how you can stop this death in the body.

The American Diabetes Association has raked in Billions and still the epidemic grows worst! Where has the money gone? Do you think it all goes to research? Think again! 

We researched diabetes as a team of filmmakers and provide a real solution to diabetes on the top of this page..we then included all scientific research to show you best how to stop this illness, with many stopping their medication.Please do not ignore the diabetic symptoms.

In Part 2 of this post we will reveal to you how the diabetes drug makers $$$$$$$$ are raking in the profit
Love Source and Others
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Type 2 diabetes diet and Oprah?..Why you don’t need this mix

A type 2 diabetes diet can change your life and we give you a the answer for you blood sugar problems.Oprah Winfrey has decided her cause is going to be “diabetes” Sadly, entertainers look for causes and usually it is to bring themselves more publicity. A type 2 diabetes diet does not need Oprah Winfrey who still battles a weight problem. All the information you need is right here in our report below.

Oprah is going to parade out a bunch of Hollywood friends who are going to tell you why they look so beautiful and how they eat salad all day. I am not being mean I am telling you the truth. Everything about television is fake. You witness a 1 hour television show that was shot for maybe 12 hours like Americas top model. What happens to the other eleven hours? it is cut out so you see only what they want you to see. 

 We researched hard and long and I believe we give the first really pancreas healing type 2  diabetes diet cure. We are filmmakers who research health and i feel we have the best diet a diabetic could receive. You may eat anything you like and still get a normal blood sugar level. We are a trusted site that has been downloaded in 8 countries worldwide. You can get this scientifically proven type 2 diabetes diet cure here http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/88754722-type-2-diabetes-diet-cure-proven

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Normal Blood sugar levels and Billions for the drug maker Part 2

In Part 1 we revealed how we have discovered how to get normal blood sugar levels and how the drug companies are set to make a billion dollars of you. These are the reports from drug makers  that the diabetic never hears about but we do. A Danish Company Novo is ready to make over a billion dollars of the diabetic with a new drug. Now we have revealed that it is possible to get normal blood sugar levels on your own with our well researched report on the right(click the bug on the right to get a normal blood sugar level)

The information on this new drug is pretty amazingly scary, it can apparently do some things to help a diabetic but it comes with a heavy price…the destruction of your cells and cancer. Well this never stood in the way of money$$$ so the FDA has approved it for you to take!


Time after time drugs are approved for you that hurt the body. This is why our depression report is so popular, many seeking a normal way to heal the body and mind

People were looking for a natural way to stop depression and trusted the Spirit Happy site. I feel this is one of the best sites on all the internet. It is written from truth to heal and it works. We go as far as to show that diabetes was given to you and that you were the victim. You can get normal blood sugar levels on your own by our respected and trusted report. Take back the control here for less than $17  http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/88754722-type-2-diabetes-diet-cure-proven

We will have more information on this new drug next time.

Love Source and Others


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Billions for Diabetes Drug company.. Cancer Tumors with Normal blood sugar levels

Normal blood sugar levels will come with a big price for the diabetic or those with high blood sugar. Danish Drug company Novo will make billions of the drug! But it can give you tumors. Sadly the FDA has again backed the big companies over the sick people. Here is the actually comment from the FDA , the people who are suppose to proctect you

The Danish drugmaker said late Monday that the FDA has approved its drug Victoza, also known as liraglutide, for the treatment of type 2 diabetes

The agency, however, is requiring the medication to carry a warning advising users that it has been suspected of triggering the growth of cancerous thyroid tumors in animal studies.

Why would a drug that causes tumors be approved, If it were a natural product that carried tumors it would be rejected by the FDA. We have researched type 2 diabetes and we show you how to get normal blood sugar levels on your own in our scientific report. This is the only diabetes treatment you need. People trust our site. 8 countries download our reports regularly,you can start reading and healing now. Get a normal glucose level now for under $17 dollars  http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/88754722-type-2-diabetes-diet-cure-proven

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Do I have diabetes? How to save your life

“Do I have diabetes” is a question a good friend of mine asked a few years ago. Sadly he did not listen to the warning. He was the picture of perfect health on the outside but something was dying on the inside. I look back now and if only I had know then what I know now. Our report shows how to stop type 2 diabetes without medication. Sadly we wait and then rely on a doctors medication which has serious side effects..plus their meds do not cure. “Do i have diabetes” is becoming one of the more common questions of our time and sadly many are dying but still do nothing. This disease is killing the young and the old. WAKE UP PLEASE!

Are you still asking Do i have diabetes? Ok, now lets do something about it

Have you ever seen insulin cure a type 2 diabetic? All the injections in the world will not cure this. Type 2 diabetes is curable. This is not about just working out or trying to eat right, that will never heal the beta cells. It can help but it is not enough..your pancreas is failing to do it job! 

We have shown that you can get normal blood sugar levels on your own 

I believe the Spirit Happy site offers the best information on mental and physical health. We give the power back to the person with an illness. It is clear that you must take control of your own health. If you are asking do i have diabetes click the report here and get the scientifically proven diet that will heal for less than $17 dollars. Take back you here http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/88754722-type-2-diabetes-diet-cure-proven

Love Source and Other


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Pre diabetes what to eat? How to destroy the myth diets

Many ask “I have pre diabetes..what to eat??? The problem is the abundance of misinformation that is given out. Normally the pre diabetic will stop all sugar. Sadly this is nothing that is going to really going to help you. I know that this goes against what people are taught but we are researchers. Sugar has been labeled the enemy for the last 20 years. Almost all foods on the shelf have the label “NO SUGAR”

What has been the result of the anti sugar movement? The biggest explosion of diabetes in world history! Something is sadly wrong and we found out what it is. The removal of sugar is NOT going to cure your blood sugar problems. Remove sugars..fats…etc and you still get a diabetic. No wonder people ask ” Pre diabetes what to eat?” When you show people how to eat they will reverse pre diabetes. Only Spirit Happy site does this.


We researched how to stop pre diabetes and we have the only real diet for a diabetic. They can eat whatever they want and still get a normal blood sugar reading! Our reports are in 8 countries for a reason this site is real and it works. Our readers know this site works.

A pre diabetic has little time due to the poison that is in the system. Not having insulin causes a poisoning of the body with sugar. You may lose your toes or legs. This does not mean that sugar is bad it means sugar is poisoning the system because there is no insulin!  A pre diabetic must not get this disease it will rip you apart slowly.  If you are saying this familiar line ” i have pre diabetes what to eat” ,take the power back fast before you lose a kidney or lung. I give it to you straight because this disease ruined my friends life.

Our scientific researched report for less than $28 dollars allows you to  get a normal blood sugar and eat what you like  CLICK THE LINK BELOW


Love Source and others

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Pre diabetes diet and the continuing growth of type 2 diabetes

As people look for the right pre diabetes diet it is amazing how much bad information is given. It is common to hear ” I guess the sugar did it” or I am switching to low fat now”

Sadly all of this is based on bad information. As a researcher I know for a fact that sugar and fat did not give you pre diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Think about this objectively for just one minute. For the last 20 years there has been a movement away from Sugar..everything is sugar free but  Sadly sugar free does not mean healthy. This post is not about sugar it is about stopping pre diabetes or tytpe 2 diabetes.

People have been eat sugar since the beginning of time and they have never had the diabetes problem that  we have today. This alone should wake people up. 

Diet soda was shown in a recent study to promote cancer cells after only one can!   Why because it is NOT naturally. Advertiser use the words sugar free and fat free but what they substitute they sugar with is damaging!  

The right pre diabetes diet can literally save your life.

The Spirit Happy site is truly one of the best on the internet. We give the power back to the person looking for healing. If you want to stop type 2 diabetes we have given you the report to do it for less than $28 dollars  

SEE HERE type 2 diabetes cure

Like all our reports they work and are empowering.  We are a trusted site by many because we are “real”

Love Source and Others

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Spirit Happy says just say NO to Oprah Diet!

We are health researchers and we ask you to say NO to any Oprah Diet. This is not a knock at Oprah but she is NOT who you want to be choosing you diet from. Why? This woman who has had a serious weight problem her whole life and does not know how to heal here own weight problem.

We are filmmakers at Spirit Happy and we can tell you that everything on television is basically fake. It is edited,diced, sliced and packaged for you how they want you to see it.

We are not saying that Oprah is not a nice person but please reject any “Oprah diet” Does it make  any sense to follow a diet from a woman who cannot heal herself ? 

Celebrities do “causes” for PUBLICITY. It is a way to look “nice” and stay in the public eye.  Oprah is now doing a “cause” diabetes. You do not need a Oprah diabetes “cause” to follow..IT IS NONSENSE

 We have been helping people “really” heal Type 2 diabetes. See here  type 2 diabetes cure

This is not a game for us but an everyday real thing we do to help people. For The Spirit Happy site it is not a “cause” we promote but a real healing for the depressed,self harming person or the diabetic. We do this everyday in 8 countries.

Love Source and Others


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Diabetes Diet food must include sugar..here is why

Those who have high blood sugar must have diabetes diet food that include sugar. The diabetic has a serious illness in the body that must be corrected quickly. Waiting is one of the worst things that a diabetic can do. This is due to the fact that this illness causes a breakdown of the body organs.

The diabetic has a poison in the bloodstream. Each day that the blood sugar is allowed to stay high is another day that the diabetic is losing time. This is where the diabetic usually turns to diabetes diet food. The spread of diabetes is extremely sad. This disease is now the 5th largest killer in the USA. Diabetes has jumped from the number 7 killer illness to number 5 in only four years.

Sugar is an important source of carbohydrates, the primary energy source. Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient and are the main source of both quick and sustained energy. The important of diet is critical to the life of the diabetic. Time is not on the side of the diabetic. Each day there is is a poison glucose that is spreading in the body. The problem is that the insulin is not available to remove the glucose. This is the problem of the diabetic and it is very serious.

The poison in the bloodstream can cause you to have your leg removed or your fingers and toes. The diabetic is slowly dying. Most diabetes diet food only help a little. This is because they try to balance blood sugar but they never heal the root cause which is no insulin. Medication is worst and comes with serious side effects such as heart failure.

The good news is hat twe have a diet that has been helping people in an amazing way. Our scientifically proven diabetes diet food here where you can eat anything you like and get a normal blood sugar. It simply works!

See here  type 2 diabetes cure

Love Source and others

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Sugar in the diet for a normal blood sugar level: New Study says we are right

The Spirit Happy Site has been helping people get a normal blood sugar level while leaving sugar in the diet. We have had many critics but we understand that this is normal. As health researchers we can tell you that there is a poison in the body if you have a high blood glucose level. This is serious and deadly. Sadly those with high sugar do not realize that they have little time as the illness spreads throught out the body.

This poison glucose is responsible for most men with impotence and it is this poison why people cannot get a normal blood sugar level. Sugar in the diet does not cause diabetes and it never has. The person with a high blood sugar level has an insulin production problem that does not remove the poison from the bloodstream. Sugar in the diet does not cause this. Sadly people believe when they order diet soda they are doing something good. It sounds so “healthy” to order “diet”  but ii is not

Here is what a new study  from Princetion University says

Researchers at Princeton University just released the results of a study that suggested that high fructose corn syrup may contribute to weight gainStudy says good old sugar better than corn syrup, unless you like being fatter The rats who were given the HFCS became obese. The rats fed normal sugar did not.

The study went on to say that sugar had no bad effect at all!

Our type 2 diabetes diet is in many countries because it works! 

Those who have followed this sites growth from the beginning know that this is a trusted site that works. I honestly belileve that Spirit Happy is one of the best site on the internet.  Our reports are in 9 countries worldwide.

Sugar in the diet and other myths will never heal the person with high blood sugar. With the removal of sugar in the diet the diabetes crisis has actually spread.  We offer a diet that simply works

Love Source and Others


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Diabetes without medication: How to save your body twice

When we revealed after a long research how to reverse type 2 diabetes without medication the responses was incredible. This site which was started in Europe to help people is achieve that goal.

Last week our reverse diabetes report made the first page in google for health news. Because it works!

The Spirit Happy diet has been reversing diabetes type 2 worldwide.  In reversing diabetes without medication you save your body twice! How is this possible? First we have what many say is the first real cure diet for diabetes as if this is not enough there is a tremendous second benefit. You avoid the poisoning of your body from dangerous type 2 diabetes medication.

Only the Spirit Happy site will reverse your diabetes and show you what the drug companies are up to at the same time. As a filmmaker and health researcher I am fortunate to get information others don’t and I share it on this site 

Carefully read below on this new drug  that your doctor will be giving you for type 2 diabetes by this winter 

Unknown Tumor Risk for Novo Diabetes Drug
Matthew Perrone, AP Business Writer
Drug Discovery & Development – April 03, 2009


SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) – Government experts said an experimental diabetes drug from Novo Nordisk does not appear to carry heart risks, though its possible links to tumors are ‘worrisome.’

Sadly this drug has been  “APPROVED FOR YOU” for this winter  This drug causes tumors but the company will make $30 BILLION dollar and the USA said……..Lets give it to the people!  This is how medicine works in the USA.

If it is worrisome as they QUOTED above why was it approved???? $$$$$$$$$$$

You can stop diabetes without medication and we show you how. This site has it reports in over 9 countries worldwide because it is a trusted site and our reports work. There is no other site like this on the internet. See here our reverse diabetes report trusted in multiple countries  

  SEE HERE  TYPE 2 DIABETES DIETThis report is not a regular report. We research for cures not partial reversals. We want cures on this site and until we can say we have found what would be called a cure then we release a report. Diabetes without medication is one of the most exciting reports Spirit Happy has revealed. Reject the weak sugar-free diets that cannot reverse diabetes and reject the diabetes medications that ruin the body.

Love Source and Other


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Is there a cure for borderline diabetes…the only answer you need is here

Is there is cure for borderline diabetes? Yes there is a cure for borderline diabetes and it is important that you reverse this illness fast. A high blood sugar level means that the body is losing the fight. The pancreas is failing and this should alarm you. There is no sugar free diet in the world that can stop borderline diabetes or any diabetes. The old typical diabetes diets science has now revealed have been a failure. They no real help and the blood sugar always becomes a problem.

There is a poison in the bloodstream of the diabetes. The poison blood glucose destroys the cells of the body and the diabetic gets flooded with this poison. The old sugar free diets cannot remove this. No one has ever reversed diabetes by using a sugar free diet. It is time we get real. Is there a cure for borderline diabetes? Yes and it has nothing to do with how much sugar you remove from your diet. Waiting kills the diabetic as the poison spreads. Sugar has been removed from the Diabetic diet for the last 30 years and what is the result? Diabetes has become worst worldwide! These diets have never worked

 This site deals strictly in researched cures. We are not interested in giving reports that do not reverse and cure the problem. This is why the Spirit Happy site has been so successful. We research long and until we find what is a real cure we will not do a report on it. Yes there is a cure for borderline diabetes and all type 2 diabetes and we have many happy people who thank us daily. Our reports are in 9 countries worldwide because they work. The success of our diabetes reversal report is because it works

Our diabetes report was featured on the first page of Google news last week because it works reverse diabetes  http://www.prlog.org/10614981-new-spirit-happy-reverse-diabetes-diet-has-many-followers-in-europe.html

Time is not on the borderline diabetic’s side. they lose the body as they wait. Is there a cure for borderline diabetes? Our diabetes report is now in multiple countries and growing fast all over the world.

Love Source and Others

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How to reverse diabetes and borderline diabetes diet cure

How to reverse diabetes and borderline diabetes diet cure

First understand that what we research and achieved here on Spirit Happy is to reverse diabetes and cure borderline diabetes. It must be understood that the reason that diabetes has grown the way it has worldwide is due to weak and powerless sugar free diets that cannot reverse diabetes.

 We were interviewed for Diabetes Care info and were asked why our reverse diabetes diet is so popular in many countries. The answer is simply because it works and people trust Spirit Happy. The average diabetes 2 and borderline diabetes diets do not work. This is because they do not heal the cause of the problem which is the insulin. Tell anyone you have diabetes or borderline diabetes and they will tell you to stop sugar.

Here is the problem

People feel having a poison high glucose level means that sugar did this and stopping sugar is the solution. This deadly thinking is why after 30 years of “sugar free diets” diabetes has actually grown triple in numbers! It has become worst. You cannot cure diabetes or reverse diabetes by removing sugar.  Sadly the diabetic still feels that can of diet soda has helped them. Actually you may speed the spread of the illness without sugar as it helps balance the cells.


The pancreas is failing and you are in for pain…dizziness. Weakness…blurry vision..Impotence…Heavy legs and more. As the poison glucose spreads it destroys the cells of the body. This happens daily. There are so many diabetic that will have to have their legs removed due to this illness. As the poison blood sugar continues to spread it breaks down the little vessels in the eyes causing blurry vision. As the circulation gets destroyed blindness will is a serious possibility

Why are the legs of the diabetic removed? Because the legs have died while the body is still alive!

The poison circulation has choked and killed the legs and it is spreading to the lungs and kidneys. To reverse diabetic and cure borderline diabetes only a removal of the poison blood glucose AND a healing of the insulin problem will cause diabetes reversal type 2. We researched and found an answer that is helping many in many countries. We are trusted we have reports in over 9 countries worldwide because the Spirit Happy site works! There are no other diabetes reverse diets that do what we do



Search the internet for other diabetes cures and it will be the same old ineffective sugar FREE diets that cannot cause A diabetes reversal. Also with our diet you eat what you want  and eat what you like! Other diet tell you what to eat but we give you the conotrol because this is the only way someone will follow a diet.

You don’t need to feel different when you go out to eat with friends and family or alone. You can scientifically eat how you want to and we show you how. Also only our diet repairs the insulin problem. Other diets rely on ineffective sugar free removal diets.

As a filmmaking team the Spirit Happy site can get research and information that others places cannot. Our Depression report and Self harm reports are in now 9 countries because they worked.

Diabetes 2 must be cured without harmful medications. Stopping Diabetes without medication will save the body. A diabetic has little time before the poison glucose destroys the cells. There is no need for medication. You can cure diabetes type 2 without medication, you can reverse borderline diabetes and we show you how.  Search Spirit Happy on the internet and you will see we are trusted. That is why we have our reports continually all over the world. People continually come back for our reports because they work.

A special word to men You will lose the ability to function in the bedroom if you do not have a diabetes reversal diet this is because diabetes impotence is real!  The vessels in the man part die just like the legs die from the poison glucose. Diabetic impotence is real and you don’t want to get this. A diabetes natural reversal diet is real and available. A diabetes reversal without medication is real.  To the borderline diabetic please get the poison glucose out of your system before the pancreas dies.

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Reverse Type 2 diabetes naturally is the only way to do it

Reverse type 2 diabetes naturally You should reverse type 2 diabetes naturally due to the double damage that is done to the body when taking diabetes medication. The popular diabetes drug Actos causes damage to the heart muscle. Many on this medication get swollen feet which is an indication that the heart circulation is being affected. This is a serious warning that the body is in danger. The diabetic has a bigger problem which a poison glucose in the bloodstream.

The overload of glucose damages the cells. To reverse diabetes naturally is what every diabetic should seek immediately

 What this means to you: You lose the body.

It may not be obvious but millions of diabetics have their legs cut off because of a damaging spreading disease in the legs. The legs die! And the damage is spreading to the kidneys and heart. Unfortunately many diabetic wait and then they lose. There is no time to wait with this illness. My good buddy who was in great shape and a bodybuilder lost his body to type 2 diabetes. He waited too long; he tried the typical no sugar diet and insulin. In the end he lost his body.

 We reverse type 2 diabetes on this site and have in multiple countries.  You have to grow up from the ineffective no-sugar diets that cannnot heal! And science supports this statement.

There is no other site like the Spirit Happy site; we are trusted worldwide and we heal! SEE OUR CURE DIABETES 2 DIET HERE IN MULTPLE COUNTRIES  Click here to reverse diabetes http://spirithappy.wordpress.com/new-type-2-diabetes-diet-cure/

The no sugar-diets cannot reverse type 2 diabetes naturally and they never have reversed diabetes. Until the insulin problem is fixed you cannot stop type 2 diabetes. This is why our diet is now so popular worldwide, we heal the insulin problem and bring a normal blood sugar level as you eat what YOU like. The way it should be is you eat what you like and this is what our diet lets you do

Love Source and Others


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Type 2 diabetes cure 2010 Spirit Happy diet works well

For a real type 2 diabetes diet cure 2010 the Spirit Happy diet is the best. This may be a bold statement but no other diet is doing what the Spirit Happy diabetic diet is doing. Since the New Year it is over 5 different countries worldwide. It has helped people all over the world. Why is it so effective and different? The answer is the old sugar free diets have been a waste of time. This is not just my option. Science has revealed that a sugar free diet cannot cure diabetes. It is a scientific fact.

Sadly this is still the powerless diet that many follow.  A type 2 diabetes cure 2010 diet must stop the root cause insulin problem and that is what we can do but others do not.

We research as filmmakers and health researcher and unless there is a breakthrough cure we will report it. People have come to trust the Spirit Happy site. Now over 10 countries have our reports. We are trusted because we are real. We are here and we are real. We love to see people heal it is what powers this site. There is no other site like this on the internet. See our cure diabetes diet here Diabetes without medication

A type 2 diabetes cure 2010 diet must change lives. Doctor’s say they are looking for something that can heal the pancreas cells and re-grow them to heal stop the insulin problem. We have found the answer and many have read it happily.

Love Source and other

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Reverse Diabetes without medication: How a popular diabetes drug ruined people hearts and bodies.

With our popular diabetes cure diet that does cure diabetes without medication now in many countries worldwide we at Spirit Happy still update you on the danger of diabetes drugs. Diabetes type 2 is an illness that will destroy the body. This illness is similar to AIDS because it ruins the cells of the body and causes the body parts to die. Diabetic’s legs die and must be cut off to try and stop the poison rotting legs from affecting the rest of the body.

This is one of the diseases that will soon have you not recognizing yourself. It is serious and it painfully kills.

Diabetes without medication is the cure you need because diabetes medication destroys the body the same as the illness!

As usual on the Spirit Happy we give you the facts that other sites do not and we give you the cure as well. Here are the facts on a diabetes drug that made MULTI MILLIONS!!! For the drug maker


 Hundreds of people taking Avandia, a controversial diabetes medicine, needlessly suffer heart attacks and heart failure each month, according to confidential government reports that recommend the drug be removed from the market. How much money did the drug company make? Avandia was once one of the biggest-selling drugs in the world. Driven in part by a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign, sales were $3.2 billion in 2006


Do you think they care now that it is off the market? They got rich already!

 Please wake up to drug companies tricks and reverse diabetes without medication Our diabetes type 2 cure report was released this year and it became popular worldwide very fast because it works. It was featured on Google health news first page under reverse diabetes. See it here.

Click here  http://spirithappy.org/wp/?page_id=788

Take back the control over your health.

BILLIONS FOR THEM AND HEART DISEASE FOR YOU. We are one of the best sites on the internet. We give you back the control over your own health and the cure. You must reverse diabetes without medication

Love Source and Others

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Diabetes natural cure and the failure of the sugar free diet

A diabetes natural cure must include sugar. As health researchers on the Spirit Happy site it is critical to have some sugar in the cells of the diabetic. The sugar free diet has been a complete and utter failure. Since the popular sugar free diets over the last 30 yeas diabetes rates have tripled!! A diabetes natural cure must heal the insulin problem and that is why our diet is so popular.

 Let’s be real most diabetes diets are a waste of time. It is filled with bland food and artificial substitutes that hurt the body. Millions of diabetics drink diet sodas and other drinks that are “SUGAR FREE” yet diet soda causes cancer and destroys the cells of the body. This was proven by one of the largest Universities in the world.  One this site we do not play games. We are real and trusted in 9 countries because if it is a real cure we are going to tell you about it.  A sugar free diet is NOT a diabetes natural cure diet and it can never reverse diabetes.

 The Spirit Happy diabetic diet does reverse type 2 diabetes. Our diet is so popular in many countries and was covered on Google health news because it works! It is that simple.

See it here Diabetes natural cure

 The diabetic has an insulin problem not a sugar problem. Why lose your body to this illness with weak sugar free diets that have never reversed diabetes?  Please take back your health wisely.

 Love Source and Others

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How to reverse the effect of type 2 diabetes naturally

 The only way to reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes naturally is to heal the insulin problem and that is what 99% of diabetes diets cannot do. As health researchers the reason our diabetes reversal diet is in so many countries is because we do fix the insulin problem naturally.

Diabetes is not a problem with sugar and this is where so many people have made the mistake. To reverse the effect of type 2 diabetes naturally has nothing to do with removing sugar. Science has revealed that sugar does not cause diabetes but so many diabetics still treat diabetes as if sugar removal from the diet will cure their diabetes. Any diet that cannot heal the insulin problem and re-grow the beta cells is a waste of time.

This is why we clearly state that most diabetes diets are a waste of time.

Common sense will tell us that the diabetes sugar free diet of the last 30 years have been a failure. Diabetes type 2 as INCREASE TRIPLE in the 30 years of the sugar free diet.

To reverse the effect of type 2 diabetes you must reverse the insulin problem. Our reverse diabetes diet is worldwide in so many countries because you eat what YOU want and you still heal the insulin problem. See it here REVERSING DIABETES TYPE 2

Love Source and Others

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SPIRIT HAPPY Type 2 diabetes cures 2010 now working in more countries!

 After only 5 months the Spirit happy type 2 diabetes cures 2010 diet is now working in even more countries.

Due to the fantastic response from our readers our diet is now helping people in India and Africa as well as Europe and the USA.

The Spirit Happy site works because our readers have come to trust the information that we research.

The Spirit Happy Type 2 diabetes cure 2010 diet was even on Google health news! We are excited when we find a cure for a person who is in pain. This is how we started reaching so many people who were self harming and cutting themselves.

We even gave away free our best selling Red Report: Self harm report to teens who could not afford it. Our Type 2 diabetes cures 2010 report was started in Denmark Europe because we were unhappy with the way the drug companies treat the person with type 2 diabetes. Drug companies were putting out dangerous drugs that ruin the heart and bodies of the diabetic. Diabetics have been fed ineffective sugar free diets that cannot reverse diabetes.

 We researched and found what we feel is the best cure diabetes diet on the internet all scientifically proven.

We are able to get more information to heal than the average person because fortunately as filmmakers we can go right to the health sources and get the research. The diabetic with type 2 diabetes has been able to stop medication with our research and we provide the proof.  Pick your report at the top of the page


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Diabetes Male Intimacy Problem: What you need to know before it is too late

 “25% of diabetics and will lose the ability to perform intimately”As the blood vessels and nerves fail!

 Diabetic male performance failure is  sign of a more serious problem. This condition is caused by the nerves being destroyed to the male organ. As the poison high blood glucose invades the bloodstream it means disaster to the diabetic. Blood vessels must expand and flood the male imitate part. As the blood vessels dilate the nerve ending which were signaled cause a male to have full firm power.

This does not happen to the diabetic! The person with diabetes is experiencing a damage to the nerve signal and you do not want this. This means that you will not be able to hold a firm perform you will fail. One of the least talked about aspect of diabetes and a weak performance. Weak perform means that a male may have the ability to start and intimate act but then they will lose the firmness during the act. This is a common form of  male problem that effects diabetic and non diabetic men.

Some diabetics may actual go weak intimately in the middle of the act and this is a sign that the nerve signal is no effected by the poison level of blood glucose. Those who wait can lose the ability to perform all together. It is critical to reverse this before permanent damage is done.  


As bad as the nerve damage is there is still another problem and that is blood vessel failure. As the blood glucose poison level increases the blood vessels to the male part fails. The blood vessels hold the blood so the male part stays strong but not in the diabetic. The vessels must relax and dilate so the organ can go firm and stiff but this pathway is blocked for the person with diabetes male failure.

  • Over 40 million experience this diabetic male performance failure, though the most are “silent” cases that don’t give any warning. Impotence is a sign time is running out
  • The nerve damage signal cannot be reverse by a sugar free diet
  • 30% over 70 year old already have heavy leg pain or PAD
  • Nerve signal failure will cause the diabetic to stay soft in performance
  • Blood  vessels do not dilate and relax to cause a firm long lasting performance

  A simple change in diet does not reverse this condition. It is important to remember that sugar free and typical diabetes diet do not repair our cure this problem. The key is to restore the nerve signal damage and this is not something a typical diabetes diet does. Also When the blood vessels do not expand it is due to the path way blockage that stop dilation. This is way Drugs works, it works by removing the blocked pathway. You can do this without danger prescriptions. Drugs come with heavy side effects and can be avoid.

 The Sprit happy site health reports and cures are now in 10 countries worldwide

We started with our Self harm report for teen that was distributed in 8 countries worldwide in less than 6 months.  Our diabetes type 2 cure report is now on 4 continents worldwide and reversing type 2 diabetes!

We are trusted by teen and adults for honest reports that work.  Do not play with diabetes male intimacy failure as it can signal the coming over other health problems.


 We will show you how to reverse Male diabetic performance problems  in less than 5 weeks scientifically proven. We have the only reverse diabetes and non diabetes male intimacy performance report in the world. There is no other report like this on the internet. It will literally save you from impotence.

Drugs like Viagra cost over $3,000 dollars per year and there is a coming increase to $4,000 dollars  coming soon

Spirit Happy has the only natural impotence cure report for less than 20 dollars That uses the same pathway as Viagra

 This is the only natural MALE ENHANCEMENT report proven to work anywhere.

 You can avoid the $3,000 dollars and embarrassment from drugs

 Get the firm you back in less than 5 weeks for less than 20 dollars




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Diabetes and Impotence hidden problem revealed in Millions of men

Diabetes and Impotence  is caused by a poison high level of blood glucose that is destroying the bodies of men worldwide. How bad is the problem getting and what can be done about it? 20 million men will have weak perform or no performance from this illness ! What has happened to the health of the people is a crime. Diabetes and impotence is at record levels but most men keep it a secret.

It is the food manufactures who have caused much of this problem. The people are the innocent victims.

If you are a male with diabetes then you have an impotence problem. Studies show that almost EVERY man with diabetes has an impotence problem. The most common problem is weak performance not full impotence. This is the ability to start the act but the inability to finish. There is no firmness in the person with a blood glucose problem.

The man cannot finish the act. He will not be able to perform. The male organ will go weak even if the man wants to continue.

Weak performance is the most common problem for a male with diabetes and impotence and it affects millions of men. Sadly most men suffer with this in silence or try drugs that hurt the heart muscle. Only Spirit Happy has researched and helped the male diabetic eliminate all weak perform problems. We show you how scientically reverse ALL male performance problems in less than 4 weeks. See here CLICK HERE  Diabetes Impotence

Do not believe that this problem of diabetes and impotence cannot be reversed. We have scientically reversed this without medications in many countries.

Love the Source of all and Other

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NEW YORK TIMES: Diabetes Drug Companies work with doctors to fool patients

 When our diabetes cure reached its 10 country we were pleased but sadly the drug companies were not. The drug companies have admitted to Washington that they have bribed doctors and the USA government officials to push their drugs and this is plain out criminal! Now Washington has finally awaked to what Spirit Happy has been reporting for 2 years about the drug companies

 The diabetes drug companies do NOT WANT A CURE. It is a billion dollar secret that the NY TIMES have finally agreed with us and reported yesterday. Here is the diabetes company NOVO admitting to the bribe to pay of the US government officials!

In the  New York Times 8/13/10 

Last year, Novo Nordisk, a Danish company, agreed to pay a $9 million fine to settle charges that it had paid former government officials in Iraq to obtain government contracts to provide insulin and other drugs. Novo paid the former Iraqi government about $1.4 million by inflating the price of its contracts by 10 percent before submitting them to the United Nations for approval

The SPIRIT HAPPY Company was started in Europe and by word of mouth has spread to over 10 countries because our diet reverses diabetes without drugs. But we do not stop there we expose what the drug companies do to the people and for this we are happy. Our diabetes diet cure is spread by word of mouth and no advertising and is now in over 10 countries worldwide because it simply and gently reverses diabetes! We allow others to spread this diet cure and it has worked.

Love the Source of all and others

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The Waring signs of diabetes drugs have come again with another amazing report released in the L.A Times 

The Billion dollar Diabetes drug ACTOS is discovered to be  just as danger as the drug Advandia which was removed because it caused heart attacks in Diabetics!

Both of these drugs make BILLIONS$$ of dollars for the drug makers.  The FDA  works with the drug makers to make billions before the drug is recalled.  we have stated clearly on this site that diabetes drugs ruin the heart muscle.


This is the way it works..the drug is approved…makes billions then ”you” the diabetic gets sick from the drug it is then recalled. HERE IS THE SECRET The drug makers do not mind so much the recall because they have made  maybe 100 BILLION before it is pulled of the market. Then comes the diabetes drug warning signs  AFTER YOU HAVE HURT YOUR HEART.

Here is the quote from the LA TIMES

Here is how much they make while you still live with diabetes.  Sales of Avandia, as high as $3.4 billion in 2006, have fallen to about $1.1 billion this year, while those of Actos have climbed to about $4.6 billion. But new results reported Monday suggest that the cardiovascular risks of the two drugs are about the same.

The drug makers have not responded to SPIRIT HAPPY’s calls about this and the FDA is also silent.  Our diabetes cure without drug is now in 13 countries because it works. The SPIRIT HAPPY DIET has spread by word of mouth to now 5 continents!  The popularity of SPIRIT HAPPY is not from advertising. We do not advertise outside of this site.  It is the tons of people who have tried the SPIRIT HAPPY diet and stopped their medications that has spread the word.  

The danger warning signs of diabetes drugs are real!  Please wake up…the FDA will still approve ALL the BILLION  dollar diabetes drugs until the drug companies make enough….then will come the recall of the drug. 

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U.K. Doctors FINALLY agree with SPIRIT HAPPY for Dangerous Diabetes Drug Recall

Spirit Happy has called for the removal of the Multi Billion dollar drug Avandia for 2 years and now Senior Doctors in England have finally agreed with us. We have letters from people who have suffered horrible heart problems, swollen feet and tingling under the skin from the side effects.

This drug is deadly serious and it makes billions every year for the drug maker  GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)  How much did they make…Spirit Happy has found out that they average $ 4.4 Billion a year from the dangerous drug!!

After the word got out how it was destroying people’s hearts  they made ONLY 1.1 Billion last year

Here is the latest report from Senior British doctors who said the heart attacks were so bad they can’t prescribe this drug anymore!

The british medical journal of senior doctors have now stated that the drug should never have been approved ever and The drug, Avandia, has been linked with heart problems and one expert believes that it may be responsible for 1,000 extra heart attacks in Britain every year.!!!

How the drug companies get away with it

The FDA and drug companies work together to make Billions and then recall the drugs year later(as too dangerous). By the time of the recall the profit has been made. It is how they work together and get rich.

The SPIRIT HAPPY Diabetes diet is now in 13 countries worldwide because it works WITHOUT medications!  The popularity of the Spirit Happy diet has been from word of mouth as people reversed their diabetes worldwide. The diet has spread to 13 countries in less than 1 year with no advertising outside this site.   Take control and reverse your own diabetes with the Spirit Happy diet.  

Love the Source of all and Others

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CNN: Diabetes Drug Actos latest to cause health damage

2 years ago the Spirit Happy Site reported on the danger of the drug Actos. The FDA did not return our calls or emails. The Drug companies work together with the FDA and it causes disaster to the health of the people. Big money drug companies WILL get their drugs approved regardless of the danger of the drug. 

How this is accomplished?

The Drug companies submit their own reports and studies which the FDA assumes is correct. They basically allow the drug companies to police themselves.

Officially they will not tell you this but this is how  Big drug  companies get their poison approved.

The richer  the drug maker they better the chance the drug will be approved. Research has shown that diabetes drugs are dangerous and not needed for type 2 diabetes.

SPIRIT HAPPY  has been reversing type 2 diabetes in now 13 countries and it has all been by our users spreading the word.  Actos does more than only cause cancer, it also destroys the heart muscle.  Spirit Happy has never researched a diabetes drug that does not destroy the heart muscle. 

Why diabetes drugs do not work

Diabetes drugs do not repair the source of the problem which is the pancreas.  These drugs never work because they approach the diabetes  problem wrong. No drug has been able to repair the root problem. This is the success of SPIRIT HAPPY diabetes diet, we repair the insulin problem and the blood sugar without medications  and it has been reversing diabetes and obesity in now 13 countries.  We do no advertising outside of this site it is  our diet users who have spread the SPIRIT HAPPY DIET  to 13 countries worldwide

Those interested in stopping obesity or diabetes can  reverse this today (just go to the TYPE 2 DIABETES CURE at the top of this page)

love Source and Others

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FDA says the SCARY Diabetes Drug Avandia will stay on the market

FDA says the dangerous Diabetes Drug Avandia will stay on the market even with the European Union of countries set to remove this dangerous diabetes drug.  The USA people will still have it prescribed by doctors and this is bordering on being illegal.

The FDA admits the pill is dangerous but will have restrictions and stay on the market!

What is the reason the drug will remain?

 The answer is obvious to the thousands who read the SPIRIT HAPPY website.

This drug brings in $4.4 billion a year to GlaxoSmithKline. The FDA and doctors get nice little kickbacks ($) from the approval of drugs. Sadly this is often how health care is run.

The medical system in the USA is based on profit first health second. Diabetes drugs are here to stay in the USA even if it kills you. Why? The drug makers make too much profit for the FDA to remove it.

Information was leaked in England that too many people were ruining their heart muscle with Avandia and they quickly wanted it pulled in Europe before the public outcry British drug regulators have recommended that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) pull the popular diabetes drug Avandia from the market in the European Union Europe is ready to remove this dangerous pill

The Spirit Happy site has been fighting the FDA. After numerous letters to the FDA from Spirit Happy it is obvious that they are concerned with the Billion dollar drug companies first.

The SPIRIT HAPPY diabetes  and Obesity diet is now in 13 countries worldwide and used regularly The popularity of the diet has spread by internet users who spread the word. The Spirit Happy diet can only be found on this site and nowhere else.

We show you that you do not need any medications for type 2 diabetes or Obesity. We have shown thousands how to reverse this illness without drugs.

Just go to the top of the page and click the Diabetes cure

Love the Source of all and Others

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We know why but they do not like the answer!

The FDA and Drug makers know why but they will not tell you because they did it to you!

When we first reported 2 years ago that diabetes would be the Biggest illness since AIDS we were told that we were exaggerating

We revealed that Diabetes Drugs such as Avandia and Actos would actually do more harm. Now the FDA is pulling these poison drugs of the shelves due to the heart attacks

The Sad part is that the Diabetes and Obesity crisis not the fault of the people. You did not just stuff your face into Diabetes and Obesity.

Type 2 Diabetes is a direct result of Food Chemicals that have ruined the health of the USA and now it is spreading to the Whole World! Please wake up and realize that all the FAD diets have not helped and WILL NOT HELP.

WHY? THE FOOD CHEMICALS HAVE BROKEN THE GUT insulin OF THE PEOPLE AND CAUSED AN INSULIN PROBLEM The drug makers are drooling to find a BILLION$$$$ DOLLAR PROFIT drug to reverse this and have given the people heart attacks as they rush their DANGEORUS DIABETES DRUG poison to you.

 The SPIRIT HAPPY SITE is trusted in 13 countries where our reverse diabetes and obesity diet is used regularly by thousands. The SPIRIT HAPPY Diet was spread by word of mouth to 13 countires We do no advertising outside this site but the SPIRIT HAPPY diet continues to help people and spread and it works WITHOUT DRUGS OR MEDICATIONS (you may get the Diet by clicking Type 2 diabetes cure at the top of the page)

Never take a Diabetes or Obesity Drug it destroys the heart muscle

Love the Source of ALL and Others

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Diabetes Drug may have killed 500 in France..here we go again

The Diabetes drug Mediator (Benfluorex)

May have killed up to 500 hundred people in France it was reported today. The drug destroys the heart valve  while barely helping  to lower blood sugar.

Amazingly like all diabetes drugs this one barely helped a diabetic but made billions in profits.  

 The drug really was of little help to anyone with Type 2 diabetes  But they put it down your throat and have a pretty fat bank account this morning!

All Type 2 diabetes drugs they have little value and come with serious risks..avoid them!

Readers of this site already know that all type 2 diabetes drugs will ruin your heart muscle. Advania was recently pulled  off the market in Europe due to the direct heart attacks that it caused but  in reality all diabetes type 2 drugs do this

Metfromin and Actos will also ruin the health of the body. We have done the research and it is clear that every single Diabetes type 2 Drug will destroy the heart or steal from your cells.  Sadly these drugs will still be pushed to you by greedy Drug companies (Also  your doctor gets “Gifts” when they write this diabetes prescriptions for the drug makers)

The Avandia drug company Glaxo took in over 40 Billion dollars in profit before the drug was pulled in Europe.

Drug companies do not care about you. They are concerned with their profit and stocks.

This is How they make even more profit: After a diabetes drug is approved the companies stocks make them Billions more in investments! Glaxo Kline Smith has profitted at least 70 billion$ from a drug that killed people before Europe pulled it as “too dangerous”    Too little too late

The Spirit Happy diabetes diet has been reversing type 2 diabetes in over 13 countries . It is simple and it simply works. It gentlly will give you a normal blood sugar and  more important it will HEAL the underlying cause of diabetes. (see the top of this page and click Type 2 diabetes cure)

The diet has had a surprise effect to us as it has been reversing obesity and giving a normal body weight as well.  Never take a Type 2 diabetes drug it will hurt the heart muscle.

Love Someone day

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Strict FDA warning…Banned in Europe..but Doctors still Prescribing this Diabetes Drug

Strict  FDA warning…Banned in Europe..but Doctors still Prescribing this Diabetes Drug

Even with the FDA admitting that the Drug Avandia is dangerous  Doctors in the USA are still writing prescriptions for the drug at about the same level and ignoring the FDA.   

We are speaking about your heart that is being ruined by their decision

 Research: MAYO CLINIC lead researcher Nilay D. Shah, an assistant professor of health services  The report was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Why would a drug that literally causes the valves of the heart to fail still be given to you?

Why would a drug that Europe removed and “admitted is responsible for serious heart troubles” still be given to you?

It is clear that the drug companies run health care in much of the Western world and here is a quote from MAYO CLINIC lead researcher Nilay D. Shah as to why doctors may STILL  ignore the warning on this drug

“Prominent doctors in given areas can influence the choice of drugs other doctors make, Shah said. And Drug-company marketing may play a role, he said” 

Any diabetic should hit the roof with that statement!

Why does the MONEY(marketing) that  the drug companies spend on advertising make the doctor choose which drug to give you!  My strongest advice to anyone with Type 2 Diabetes or Obesity is to protect yourself and do not rely on your doctor.   Why? because here are the facts why Avandia was banned in Europe

Researchers concluded that patients taking Avandia were 43 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack and 64 percent more likely to suffer cardiovascular disease than patients taking an alternative medication.

You should not rely on their drugs for type 2 diabetes or Obesity. We cannot tell you to stop diabetes medication but we ”DO” show you how many have!

Spirit Happy readers know that there is absolutely no need for Type 2 diabetes drugs. Our type 2 diabetes diet is gentle and it gives a normal blood sugar as well as heal the “underlying cause” of the blood sugar problems.  It is used in 13 countries because it simply works without drugs.

You may click the Type 2 diabetes cure at the top of this page

Love someone today

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The first Drug they give you to Heal Type 2 Diabetes hurts your cells

Each year Diabetes Drug makers search to heal type 2 diabetes with a medication and each time the results produce horrible side effects that cause heart failure, cell damage or death. The list of drugs and their horrible effects will amaze those who have taken these poisons.

Here is a brief overview of how the diabetic loses the body right from the start

METFORMIN: This is usually the first drug that the type 2 diabetic is given to heal type 2 Diabetes

Here is what this drug does to hurt the body: This drug literally takes Vitamin B12 out the body. Why this should scare you. The cells all work together in perfect harmony and B12 is needed for proper nerve function. Here is the sad part, diabetics ALREADY experience nerve damage from the flood of blood sugar in the blood vessels so the last thing they need is anything disrupting the nerves B12 supply. The Diabetic is in desperate need of B12! They do not need a drug that removes it!

 Here are some of the symptoms in those who are losing their B12 in the diabetic body

Be careful of these symptoms such as numbness, funny feelings or touch, decreased sensation to touch and vibration, and weakness in the area served by the damaged nerve. 

METFORMIN MAKERS TAKE IN 1.9 BILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR FROM THIS DRUG but it cannot heal type 2 diabetes in fact the New England Journal of Medicine showed lifestyle interventions BEAT METFORMIN in a study! That right… NOT using the Diabetes drug was better!

This is why the SPIRIT HAPPY DIET is now regularly used in 13 countries…It simply works

 We believe The SPIRIT HAPPY DIET is the only diet to heal type 2 diabetes at the root cause without medications.  Our users all over the world have been reporting how it reversed their obesity but does not reduce weight in those with a normal weight.  This is because the diet heals NOT medicate (go to the top of the pages and click Type 2 diabetes cure to join those who use this diet 13 countries)

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Type 2 diabetes Diet Drug killed 4 times more than originally reported

Spirit Happy has revealed a new report that documents that more than 2,000 people have been killed by the diabetes drug Mediator. The drugs make so much money that it strangely stayed on the market even when the drug maker and government knew that it was dangerous. This is a fact and the same goes for Avandia,Actos and Metformin. The regular reads of this site which is thankfully in13 countries know that these drugs will take your heart. All diabetes drugs will destroy the heart valve. This type 2 diabetes diet drug was knew to be dangerous but that did not stop the drug maker from taking in 5 billion a year

(****It reported “consolidated” revenues of $5 billion in 2009-2010****

What they knew: The French Newspaper Le Figaro has in its possession letters from 3 doctors who warned the French drug regulatory agency that Mediator could damage heart valves. Their warnings was apparently ignored.


Here is how drug makers work. They do their own studies and “tell” the government agency like the FDA in the USA that the drug is safe. The Government “reviews the studies” and the drugs are put in your stomach. The government does not test it themselves.

The type 2 diabetes diet drug makers and obesity pill makers do not care about you, they are in business for strict profit NOTHING more. All diabetes and obesity pills destroy the heart valve. Often you first get shortness of breath..or pain in the chest. Often you get swollen feet(this means that the heart is being affected.) The Spirit Happy Diet site studies diabetes drugs day in day out and there is is not one good type 2 diabetes reverse drug.

Here is the comment from the drug maker :

Jacques Servier, told Le Monde that he is “shocked and stunned.” I am sorry but how shocked can he be when documented reports showed that the drug would ruin the heart

There is absolutely no need for a Type 2 diabetes diet drug, The SPIRIT HAPPY DIET is now in over 13 countries and we reverse type 2 diabetes and obesity WITHOUT drugs. The diet simply works and that is why it is so popular. We are popular in 13 countries with no paid advertising. Our users use it and spread the word to others. Go to the top of this site and click Type 2 diabetes cure..it is all you need

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I Can’t lose weight? Go Natural as Diabetes Diet Pill maker will Pay back $4 billion due to Deaths

“I can’t lose weight” Go Natural as  Diabetes Diet Pill maker will Pay back $4 billion due to Deaths

Glaxo will pay back over $4 Billion dollars to those who were damaged from the Diabetes and Diet Pill Avandia. Type 2 Diabetes medications are deadly and cause harm to the cells of the body. There is absolutely no need for a drug for Type 2 Diabetes. The Diabetes drug Avandia is responsible for direct heart attacks and deaths. Those who were saying “I can’t lose weight” unfortunately resorted to dangerous diet pills and Type 2 Diabetes medication

Type 2 Diabetes medications and weight loss pills steal from the heart muscle as they try to a “force” a lower blood sugar. This is why diet pills do not work, they force a weak loss of water weight and your heart needs a good water balance to operate

How much money did Glaxo Smith Cline( The drug maker ) make each year off this Diet pill?… $5 Billion dollars EVERY YEAR

Here is what people received from Diet Pills

Sudden people started getting chest pain and heart failure, they thought the diabetes or Obesity was doing this. Research revealed it was not the Obesity or Diabetes but it was the medication!

Here is the information that was just released today

GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK), after setting aside more than $6 billion to help settle lawsuits over medicines including its Avandia diabetes drug

“There are a total of about 5,300 state-court cases pending” around the country, Dianne Nast told U.S. District Judge Cynthia Rufe at a hearing in Philadelphia.


Here is the worst part..They knew the Drug would kill! But did not stop the money from sales.

$3.5 Billion Charge

Glaxo officials have agreed to pay at least $700 million over the last eight months to resolve about 12,000 suits alleging the drug-maker failed to warn consumers that Avandia could cause heart attacks and strokes


The Drug makers never fight back because they know the pils are dangerous and have already pocketed $20 billion!

Here is the Drug maker response after you either had a heart attack,Stroke or Family Death

Bernadette King, a U.S.-based Glaxo spokeswoman, declined comment on the Avandia settlement talks.


They profited $5 Billion a year and caused death..covered this up and their response is “NO COMMENT”


There is not one safe Type 2 Diabetes medication, Metformin,Actos,Avandia all hurt the body, while trying to force a weak lowering of Blood sugar

The Drug maker continue to pump out new pills every year and the people get chest pains

…and often death

Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes has been reversed with the Spirit Happy Diet (now in 14 countries and over 20,000 users) The only reason you cannot lose weight is due to damage from food chemicals. We prove this and beat every drug naturally and safely

If you are saying “I have tried every diet and nothing works”

SEE HERE    I cant lose weight

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