Im Depressed: How about another new drug

If your 12 year old tells you “I’m depressed” will you reach for the latest medication shown on the tv commercial. We have spread the message on this site that you can be healed by the inner healing that is in you. We have also told you that we are not anti medication. many need medications for depression but many can heal depression without the drugs. I’m depressed is becoming a constant cry from adults and teens.

We want you to get back the power that has been taken from you. Science has proven can heal without drugs when given the right tools.

There are new medications for depression everytime you look around but know one tells you of the power in YOU to heal.

 With so many depression about a new one for your 12 year old!  Im not kidding see this below

Drug approved for adolescents with depression  The FDA has approved escitalopram oxalate (Lexapro, Forest) to treat major depressive disorder in people aged 12-17, just weeks after a U.S. Justice Department complaint that the drug was improperly being marketed to younger patients.

We often get comments  from so called”Professionals” who ask  us why are you telling people they have a power to heal depression. Often the drug companies support the health care provider. I am not kidding, they want you on a another medication. Spirit Happy does not have anything against medication but why should the drug makers have something against us telling you that you have a power to heal.

It is possible to learn why you are depressed and start healing thast is what we have done for many. This site will continue to tell people thay can heal from Depression, Suicide thoughts and self harm. We never tell anyone to stop medications but your healing does not have to stop with medications.

I’m Depressed? Our ”Depression without Medication”  report has helped thousands to Scientifically take back the control over depression without drugs.

Click the report below for instant access

The Depression without Medication report has spread to 17 countries in 8 months

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One Response to Im Depressed: How about another new drug

  1. chyrenselin says:

    avoid medication for children. any medicine is only a chemical which will have to be sent out in urinals and which will give extra stress on the kidneys. try prayers (chanting a small word repeatedly will do miracles in mind (ie the brain). you can chant “jesus” or “allah” “om” according to your religions. actually these words are nothing. as we are already have certain prejudice on religious faiths we have to follow that. what actually needed is the silence between any two words. for example you are chanting a word (it takes one second) and you are giving ten seconds interval(for example). finally for a prayer (at higher level it is meditation) of
    one hour you have chanted for ten minutes and you would be in silence for fifty minutes. this fifty minutes is enough to heel your brain by secrecating some good chemicals like atrofin etc which will make in brain wonders.

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