Food Diabetes and how they blame you

Food Diabetes:There is a common misconception that you simple stuffed yourself with food into type 2 diabetes. This is not the truth!The medical establishment has laid the blame on the victim. The diabetic thinks “I have been really bad.. I gave myself type 2 diabetes”.
You did not give yourself diabetes! Your relationship to food did not give you diabetes.
I am tired of shows like the biggest loser showing overweight people being screamed at. I am happy to say I gave up television in 2008
Here is the guilt trip laid on the diabetic or those close to getting type 2 diabetes
It translates something like this in Hollywood TV
A) Get Some sexy trainer(full of ego)
B) Find some fat slob, the fatter the better(Hollywoods words not mine)
C) Get hot sexy trainer to yell at fat slob…get slob to cry for tv rating
D) save them from the food and diabetes…What a wonderful world…soft Hollywood violins begin to play…etc

Ofcourse this is not real life. The average diabetic is not overweight or a fat slob!
Diabetes is now a genetic disease due to the fact that your pancreas has been destroyed. We researched this for over a year on 2 continents. People will have you thinking “YOU” destroyed your pancreas because you are a lazy slob. They want you to believe food diabetes…food diabetes…food diabetes

Spirit Happy site does prove scientifically in our report that type 2 diabetes is now in your cells. We also show you how to change this!

Diabetes is so serious a disease it is down right scary! Please do not wait you can take the control of your own blood sugar in a simple way. Here is our type 2 diabetes diet that has been stopping diabetes

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    How can i get hold of this diet

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