Medication to commit suicide: How to commit suicide with medication

Medication to commit suicide: How to commit suicide with medication is one of the more common questions we get here at Spirit Happy. We are contacted daily by the suicidal and depressed. There is a despair in many of the  people, there is a pain that nothing helps. This is the sadness that lives in many. Actually we cannnot blame them for feeling this way.

This world is setup for much dissapointment and pain. Never give up! You can overcome the feelings of giving up. You can win! These is not an empty phrase but the living truth!

Those seeking medication to commit suicide or How to commit suicide with medication are not alone, there are literally millions who would rather not wake up tommorow

After working with the depressed,suicidal and those seeking to cut themselves we have developed a way out of this pain and it is based on an inside/out healing technique. This is why the “Why you don’t want to live report has been so popular in 8 countries see here

The pain you feel inside can heal and you must go forward. Why? MUST you go forward? Because you are a creation with greatness in you! I mean this..once you heal from the inside you will win.  You do not need medication to commit suicide! This is losing…but you can win..we work with the depressed and i know this to be  true.  Hold on to your hope no matter howe small it is. A little becomes a lot in time.

Love Source and others

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