Sugar in the diet for a normal blood sugar level: New Study says we are right

The Spirit Happy Site has been helping people get a normal blood sugar level while leaving sugar in the diet. We have had many critics but we understand that this is normal. As health researchers we can tell you that there is a poison in the body if you have a high blood glucose level. This is serious and deadly. Sadly those with high sugar do not realize that they have little time as the illness spreads throught out the body.

This poison glucose is responsible for most men with impotence and it is this poison why people cannot get a normal blood sugar level. Sugar in the diet does not cause diabetes and it never has. The person with a high blood sugar level has an insulin production problem that does not remove the poison from the bloodstream. Sugar in the diet does not cause this. Sadly people believe when they order diet soda they are doing something good. It sounds so “healthy” to order “diet”  but ii is not

Here is what a new study  from Princetion University says

Researchers at Princeton University just released the results of a study that suggested that high fructose corn syrup may contribute to weight gainStudy says good old sugar better than corn syrup, unless you like being fatter The rats who were given the HFCS became obese. The rats fed normal sugar did not.

The study went on to say that sugar had no bad effect at all!

Our type 2 diabetes diet is in many countries because it works! 

Those who have followed this sites growth from the beginning know that this is a trusted site that works. I honestly belileve that Spirit Happy is one of the best site on the internet.  Our reports are in 9 countries worldwide.

Sugar in the diet and other myths will never heal the person with high blood sugar. With the removal of sugar in the diet the diabetes crisis has actually spread.  We offer a diet that simply works

Love Source and Others


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  1. Ahmad Fatoni says:

    your post very useful for us diabetics.

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