Diabetes without medication: How to save your body twice

When we revealed after a long research how to reverse type 2 diabetes without medication the responses was incredible. This site which was started in Europe to help people is achieve that goal.

Last week our reverse diabetes report made the first page in google for health news. Because it works!

The Spirit Happy diet has been reversing diabetes type 2 worldwide.  In reversing diabetes without medication you save your body twice! How is this possible? First we have what many say is the first real cure diet for diabetes as if this is not enough there is a tremendous second benefit. You avoid the poisoning of your body from dangerous type 2 diabetes medication.

Only the Spirit Happy site will reverse your diabetes and show you what the drug companies are up to at the same time. As a filmmaker and health researcher I am fortunate to get information others don’t and I share it on this site 

Carefully read below on this new drug  that your doctor will be giving you for type 2 diabetes by this winter 

Unknown Tumor Risk for Novo Diabetes Drug
Matthew Perrone, AP Business Writer
Drug Discovery & Development – April 03, 2009


SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) – Government experts said an experimental diabetes drug from Novo Nordisk does not appear to carry heart risks, though its possible links to tumors are ‘worrisome.’

Sadly this drug has been  “APPROVED FOR YOU” for this winter  This drug causes tumors but the company will make $30 BILLION dollar and the USA said……..Lets give it to the people!  This is how medicine works in the USA.

If it is worrisome as they QUOTED above why was it approved???? $$$$$$$$$$$

You can stop diabetes without medication and we show you how. This site has it reports in over 9 countries worldwide because it is a trusted site and our reports work. There is no other site like this on the internet. See here our reverse diabetes report trusted in multiple countries  

  SEE HERE  TYPE 2 DIABETES DIETThis report is not a regular report. We research for cures not partial reversals. We want cures on this site and until we can say we have found what would be called a cure then we release a report. Diabetes without medication is one of the most exciting reports Spirit Happy has revealed. Reject the weak sugar-free diets that cannot reverse diabetes and reject the diabetes medications that ruin the body.

Love Source and Other


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