Heavy Legs and Tired Legs Heart attack warning

  “25% of people with Heavy legs or tired legs will have a  

                           Heart attack within the next 5 years”


 If you have tired legs or Heavy leg pain it is a serious sign of a heart problem

The legs are directly related to the heart and the circulatory system of the two is connected. Some had PAD or peripheral artery disease which means the legs have a plaque clogged the artery and you do not want this. It means usually a heart attack within the next 5 years with no warning. A heavy or tired legs is a serious warning that most be addressed immediately. This is expensive and requires difficult surgery from many. This is growing problem that is taken the hearts and live of many as younf as 40. If you are over 50 and have heavy legs or tired legs it can be P.A.D or failing veins (also called varicose veins)

As the legs go so does the heart. The first thing a boxer loses is the legs when the career is signaling an end. PAD and heavy legs pain is growing in record numbers and if you are over 50 this better wake you up fast as this is a silent heart attack coming.

  • Over 35 million in the United States have PAD, though the most are “silent” cases that don’t give any warning. Heavy legs pain is a sign time is running out
  • If you are over 50 PAD or heavy legs pain related to a heart failure has already begun
  • 30% over 70 year old already have heavy leg pain or PAD
  • Varicose veins or vein failure means clots to the legs can signal a heart failure
  • Having heavy legs or tired legs results in a heart attack for 1 out of 5



The damage that has been done cannot be reversed by simply eating right or losing some weight. These may have caused the Heavy legs. Varicose veins or PAD but it will not stop the danger that is already started in the heart. This is the most warning that many will get before the coming heart attack and you better have a way to reverse this. The problem is the blockage which cannot be removed by eating less fat or trying to change your diet. The damage that has been done to the arteries or veins must be reversed and this is what most diets cannot do.

Science has revealed that once the arteries and veins have been affected low fat diets do not reduce the artery plaque for those with PAD. Those with heavy legs from vein failure already know that diet does not reverse damaged veins. Many with varicose veins know that this is close to impossible to reverse. But the bigger warning is that what is happening to those little veins is also happeni9ng to the heart.  Anyone with heavy legs or tired legs has a heart problem that can affect them at any minute. Dr. Milton Reed an artery specialist has revealed that the heavy legs pain means that the heart is failing.

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12 Responses to Heavy Legs and Tired Legs Heart attack warning

  1. Jenni Konstanzer says:

    I am a 3 time cancer survivor. I have a heavy leg sometimes. the leg affect is my right leg from the thigh to my foot. This leg is not normal! I had cancer Ewing Sarcoma in this leg at the age of 11 and I’m 38 years old now. This Heavy Leg seemed to start about 6 months ago and it is not every month but when I do have it it is like an elephant calf and ankle. I have had vein treatment over 7 years ago because the veins were looking UGLY and poping out of my ankle and calf. I am an average size of 110lbs. 5ft. 3inches. I have had doppler readings o my leg and ehg 3 years ago an passed with flying colors. I know that doesn’t mean that my blood sugar is good although I have not ever been screened for it. We have had no insurance for our family of six in over a year because we can’t afford it. It’s feed our children or starve them. This there trial medications or help that I might be able to seek for help. I know I need answer’s but when you have no insurance and four kids to feed it’s hard to seek help? Any advice?

    • spirithappy says:

      hi ,We have answered you in a private email as to what we believe can really help you.
      With Love ,Spirit Happy

  2. Jenni Konstanzer says:


  3. GEORGE says:

    my bottom of the feets are very fain full.why is it happening

    • spirithappy says:

      Hi, It must be made clear if you have a problem with diabetes. or blood sugar. If you do have diabetes the vessels and veins of the feet are effected. If you have heavy legs and tired legs without diabetes it is related to the circulation which is an indication of possible heart trouble. Do not ignore painful feet as it can be related to a more serious condition. Thank you ,

  4. Monica says:

    Hello I had surgery almost 8 years ago, for Non Hodgkings Lymphoma, had two huge glands, they operated and on the operation table I got a thrombosis, I have very bad health insurance and I got I bylateral bypass, I still have very bad circulation, I have and ulcer on the bottom of my foot(left), it gets very swollen, and yes it hurst awful, I have been living like this for way to long, please let me know how I can repair this or make it easier to live with, I’ve tried accupunture, reiki, western medicien, and naural herbs, so if you have anything that can help please let me know, I will be turning 40 this year!

    • spirithappy says:

      Hi Monica, We are going to send you our “Heavy Legs report” for free. Make sure you check with your doctor as you use our report. I believe this report may hep you but will not charge you because of all our successful users, you are the first to have Non Hodgkings Lymphoma with thrombosis. You should receive the Heavy Legs report today

      With Love,The Spirit Happy Team

  5. shenaaz says:

    Hi I’m 33 & have very heavy legs & painfull heels,I can’t stand 4 to long & want to sit as soon possible. I weigh about 80 kg. Plz help me

    • spirithappy says:

      Heavy legs are often directly related to a heart problem. You may try our Heavy legs report if you like. Regardless of if you use our report or not do not ignore Heavy Legs.
      Have a great day The Spirit Happy team

      • deanna says:

        I’m 33 years old and my legs feel heavy and i stay tired alot. they hurt standing or sitting it does not mader. I have alot of jerking in arms and legs. the legs hurt in the thigh part.

        • spirithappy says:

          Hi Deanna, Do not ignore this. The legs are often related to the heart. You can try our report if you like, it is up to you.
          Just do not ignore heavy legs
          We wish you the best, The Spirit Happy Team

  6. spirithappy says:

    Hi Rhoda, you can order the report right on the page just click the Purple Tree Picture

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