“I can’t lose weight?” 2 more Dangerous Diet medications will be BANNED

If you are one of the many people saying “ I can’t lose weight” …Spirit Happy says ,yes you can. The thousands who read this site every week know how dangerous Diabetes and Weight loss drugs are. We expose the dangers of these drugs and then show people the natural way to reverse the problem. Many who say “I can’t lose weight” turn to dangerous surgeries or weight loss pills. The result is damage to the body and for many death.

Diet pills and Surgery do not work

The diet pill makers know that the pills will harm your liver and kidneys. There are thousands who die from diet pills.  Frankly, the drug makers do not care, the lawsuits come later but this is after the drug makers have made a beautiful profit.

The report from ABC NEWS today is that 2 more of these dangerous diet pills will be banned from the public

Diet pills do not work…period and they wreak the Kidneys, Liver or they can cause sudden death.

Here is the quote from the Doctor to ABC NEWS about the coming possible ban

 ”These drugs(XENICAL and ALLI) have the potential to cause significant damage to multiple critical organs, yet they provide meager benefits in reducing weight loss in obese and overweight patients,” said Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group.

The drugs ruin the organs, the 20,000 SPIRIT HAPPY DIET users know the dangers of Diabetes drugs and Diet pills.

Please notice that the doctor said, The drugs have meager benefits!

They do not work yet they destroy the organs. These drugs “try” to lower weight by painfully straining your heart,liver and kidneys.  Do not use them

If you say the familiar quote “ I can’t lose weight” understand that you can. Our Type 2 Diabetes diet boomed to over 20,000 users in 8 months because non diabetics were using it to drop fat. We did not know this would happen but it is a pleasant surprise for users.

All weight loss is in the blood sugar even for those with normal blood sugar. The diet does not lower normal blood sugar in those without diabetes, it simply balance the body safely and you lose weight.

The Spirit Happy diet is the safest and gentlest way to drop fat. We are in 14 countries because it simply works naturally.

You may see the Spirit Happy Diabetes diet here Click here

i cant lose weight

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