Can I lose weight? Not with these Popular diets says USA Today News

If you are wondering “Can I lose weight” The USA today reported that 2 popular new diets are failures. The 17 day diet and the Dukan diet are the latest diets to cause harm to the body. They are a nutritional disaster says the Newspaper’s Nutritionist. What the nutritionist discovered is that these diets harm the body,cause imbalances and the weight comes right back. “Can I lose weight?” The thousands who read The Spirit Happy site know that a diabetes diet causes non diabetics to drop fat fast and healthy!

Blood sugar still holds fat in many who have normal blood sugar levels

The most revealing part of our European research study is that those who have tried everything and still cannot drop the pounds still have a blood sugar that holds the fat. Most of this fat is held on the belly. The diet for diabetics causes the non diabetics to lose fat safely, even those with “normal” blood sugar levels lost fat on the diet.

The good news is that the diet does not lower blood sugar in those with a normal level but it caused the fat to come of the body gently Those asking “Can I lose weight?” the answer is yes with the right diabetic diet. Those with a normal blood sugar will heal the damage from processed foods with a diabetic diet. This is healthy and safe weight loss that thousands on this site use.

Here is the quote from the USA Today Newspaper about the 17 day diet and Dukan Diet  that harm the body

“This is yet another high-protein, unbalanced rigid regimen,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietitian in New Yorkand a nutritionist for

“I wish that high-profile celebrities and dignitaries would realize how important they are as role models.”



As health researchers Spirit Happy agrees with this nutritionist, she is making it clear that these celebrity diets are harmful and the weight comes right back. They make their money and your weight comes right back.

Spirit Happy Diet was developed by health researchers who discovered that a diabetes diet causes non diabetics to lose weight in a healthy way. The Spirit Happy diet boomed to over 20,000 users in 14 countries (in only 8 months)because it works by healing. We are the most trusted health site on the internet.

These celebrities diets do not work and are not backed by science. If you want to lose weight safely use a diabetes diet… period!

See The Spirit Happy Type 2 diabetes cure diet  here

 I can’t lose weight

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4 Responses to Can I lose weight? Not with these Popular diets says USA Today News

  1. Norma Melrose says:

    I am diabetic for 14 years. I need to lose 10 – 15 lbs and stabilize there. What can you do to help me. I live alone, hard to cook for 1, hate cooking anyway, like finger foods ready to eat anytime. I eat a good breakfast, oats, toast, decaf coffee but the rest of the day is a disaster.

    • admin says:

      Hi Norma, Our diet has helped thousands heal from the food chemicals and lose weight. The diet was created to reverse diabetes naturally but a wonderful side effect was people lost belly fat and unhealthy fat. You simply get thinner in a gentle way. Thank you for the great question.


  2. Ray Claude says:

    Hello. I have a both a discovery and an experience to share. The experience relates to my diet, one of my own making. Upon loss of my mate, I needed to find an economical way to proceed. I quickly decided to eat the same fare every day with only very minor variations. The fact that I had come up with three very satisfying dishes made this decision an easy one. Each of my dishes (one for each daily meal, no sides) is quite involved in regard to their ingredients. For example, my noon meal is a tossed salad with red leaf lettuce (sometimes spinach or romaine), dressing, a chopped tangerine, a small handful of red grapes, nuts or seeds (usually walnuts or sunflower seeds), olives, cucumbers (relish), coconut, raisins, whole-wheat cereal (to avoid croutons), and herbs (which provide much of the day-to-day variation). My other two dishes are equally involved; one includes cheese and ham so that I get my daily quota of fat and cholesterol. No snacks.
    My discovery was a recent one. It came as a bona fide, wholly-unexpected surprise. I compared my daily line-up of ingredients with those recommended for the diabetic. Almost perfect!
    I have not tired of my fare since its inception, five years ago. I expect to continue with it with no more than minor dabbling the rest of my life. I am 77, weight-stable. I do not seek help from the American medical system.
    I had a head start on others who might have contemplated such a course. I have long had an active interest in the specific nutritional values inherent in foodstuffs. Also, I have developed a healthy level of dubiety relative to food processing and immunity to modern notions on nutrition as are available in a steady stream of absurdity from the American commercial sector, government (sad to say), and popular media.
    Thank you. I hope that this might be edifying. Your supporter and new-found fan, Ray Claude

    • admin says:

      Thank you Ray Claude for your comment, it is a beautiful comment. When our Spirit Happy Diet caused FAT/weight loss in non diabetics we discovered that blood sugar holds fat on the body even in non diabetics. When Processed food damage is repaired people lose weight. This is why our diet works so well.
      Thanks again for your comments and Have a great day,

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