I have tried every diet? New Study agrees with Spirit Happy, Diet Soda causes weight gain

I have tried every diet and still cannot lose weight? 2 years ago we reported on the danger of Diet soda. We proved in tests that diet soda causes weight gain not weight loss. The makers of these artificial beverages take in over $1 Billion dollars every year as people are fooled into thinking they are drinking something healthy.  A new study has confirmed that the researchers at Spirit Happy are correct

 What the new study reveals is what our thousands of readers already knew, diet soda causes weight gain. Those saying I have tried every diet and still cannot lose weight should pay close attention

Here is what the study reveals

Epidemiologists from the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio reported data showing that diet soft drink consumption is associated with increased waist circumference in humans, and a second study that found aspartame raised fasting glucose (blood sugar) in diabetes-prone mice.

This is incredible information, what it is proving is exactly what our research proved 2 years ago. Diet soda causes belly fat, it causes a wider waist. In addition it makes diabetes worst not better

 Spirit Happy diet users stay naturally thin. As the body naturally heals from food chemicals you get a thin body

The Spirit Happy diet is in 17 countries worldwide, our type 2 diabetes diet spread to over 20,000 users in 6 months because it gently and safely works without drugs. The weight loss in non diabetics was a surprise to our non diabetic users. The Spirit Happy Diet secret is that the diet naturally and safely heals the body of food chemicals (such as diet soda) and causes fat to simply come off the belly and body

If you have tried every diet and still cannot lose weight join the other Spirit Happy Diet users in 17 countries   see here and lose weight I have tried every diet

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