Diabetes Now Kills 4.6 Million every year: Diabetic overweight or thin the illness is taking lives

The International Diabetes Federation has released the scary diabetes (overweight or thin) statistics and it is amazing. Every year diabetes kills 4.6 million people. The SpiritHappy.org site predicted this explosion years ago and we were largely ignored by health officials. A diabetic does not have to be overweight to have this poison high blood sugar level. Type 2 Diabetes is killing thin people and overweight people.

The shame of the ADA: We reported last year on how the American Diabetes Association takes in 10 million dollars a year in donations with no cure! They have been running this game for 20 years so if you do the math you will see how rich they have become without a hint of a cure.

The Diabetes Drug makers take in 8 Billion dollars every year! With no “need” for a cure. In fact, 3 of the largest Diabetes drug Billionaires (The makers of Actos,Avandia and Metformin) have dangerous high blood medications. Actos is close to being removed from the public because it has been causes outbreaks of Cancer to your bladder. The Avandia drug-makers just paid families 5 Billion dollars in damages because their drug Avandia killed people while poorly trying to lower your high blood sugar.

SPIRITHAPPY.ORG has revealed to 17 countries that no one needs Type 2 Diabetes Medications

The drug-makers do not like the fact that we revealed to over 20,000 people how to reverse Type 2 Diabetes without medications. A sugar free diet will never reverse diabetes, there is no healing in a sugar free diet. Sitting down to a Diet Soda will do nothing to reverse your high blood sugar. Diabetics have an infective insulin and when you heal the root cause of this the high blood sugar leaves. We were the first to reveal high blood sugar is a poison that kills the just like cancer. It destroys the cells. It does not matter if you are not overweight, diabetes kills the cells of the body.

High blood sugar is the number one cause of male impotence and weak erections. It is the major reason the heart will fail and the kidneys give out. You do not need the ADA or any medications for Type 2 Diabetes. We have users in 17 countries who use the information on Spirit Happy to reverse their Type 2 Diabetes. Since 2009 we have thousands without diabetes who use our diet to lose weight and belly fat permanently.

The American Diabetes Association take in 10 million every year and the drug makers take in 8 Billion every years. We guide you to a freed from Type 2 diabetes naturally as we have done for over 20,000 people. The official Spirit Happy Reports are only available at this site.

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