Diabetes Drug maker and Scam artist GLAXO fined 750 million dollars for drugs they knew did not work!

GLAXO the biggest diabetes drug makers does not give a crap about the diabetic and this was proven in court. They knew they were making ineffective  and Dirty drugs NOT only for diabetes but also Paxil for depression. They knew the drugs were not made correctly and were ineffective.

1. Where Did the dirty tainted drugs go? Answer: In the bellies of the people.! That right! They said so what ..and it was delivered to your friendly pharmacist

2. What happened to the employee who reported this to GLAXO and said this was criminal?

 Answer: FIRED!..shut up! We need a few more 100 billion$$$ 

3. Where are the dirty Diabetes and Depression drugs made? Answer: In Puerto Rico so they make even more Billions by taking advantage of the easy tax laws(Whats a few more billions between friends)

3. GLAXO still has the dangerous diabetes drug Avandia available in the good old USA ..Why when Europe has banned it?

The answer: $$$$ runs all USA healthcare  and the Drug Makers run the show

I beg you to understand that they do not give a crap about you!

They reinvest the Billions and make Billions more on the Stock market shares before the drug is removed

This is why they do not mind paying $750 million in fines. This is NOTHING to them. THEY MAKE 20 billion every year!

THE SPIRIT HAPPY DIABETES DIET was made popular by others who have spread this diet to reverse diabetes to now over 13 countries without  medications. Why is it popular? Because it works! We have made it clear on this site that you should never ever take a type 2 diabetes drug.

 We have researched these drugs from Avandia,Actos and Mediform and they all destroy the heart muscle.

There are literally thousands who have had direct heart attacks all over Europe and the USA from these drugs.

*Update: Glaxo was ordered to payback 4.4 Billion dollars to the victims of their blood sugar drug* 

You can reverse Diabetes type 2 with the SPIRIT HAPPY DIET now in over 17 countries  HERE  Spirit Happy Diet

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