Type 2 Diabetes diet…Actos linked to Cancer

Actos and Avandia: 2 Dangers diabetes drugs that do not work very well

Doctors who have you on a Type 2 Diabetes diet and include drugs like Actos or Avandia may cause you Cancer or Heart disease according to a new investigation in Europe.. A new investigation of the diabetic medication Actos by the European Medicines Agency has revealed that this drug is causing breakout reports of Bladder Cancer. With Typical Type 2 diabetes diet doctors often includes these very dangerous drugs.

Review of new Investigation

European agency said an increased number of spontaneous reports had prompted it to start the latest review.t

Actos belongs to the same drug class as Glaxo Smith Kline’s Avandia, which was pulled from the market in Europe last year and faces stringent restrictions in the United States after being linked to hear

Spirit Happy reported on the dangers of Actos last year,we revealed that it is just as dangerous as Avandia which causes death and Heart disease. These are deadly drugs that do not help a diabetic. The drugs at best can drop blood sugar one Ac1 point! At the same time you lose you liver,Kidneys and heart valve. Diabetic medications are not safe and no one with diabetes 2 needs medications. Until you realize this you may never come off these medications. Doctors do not investigate medications they simply prescribe. Once the drug makers get there approval by the FDA the drug goes down your stomach. It is after the damage to YOU that they pull the drug off the market

The right healing Type 2 Diabetes diet will require no medications. After Spirit Happy diet reached 20,000 users in February we announced to the drug companies that we will not stop reporting the damage they are doing until their drugs are removed.

Avandia has been removed in Europe and is still has restrictions in the Unites States. We want Avandia removed completely.

The Spirit Happy diet may be seen hereĀ  TYPE 2 DIABETES DIET

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